Welcome to SymptomQuiz.com

Welcome to SymptomQuiz.com. Answer the questions below, which will ask about symptoms and their degree of severity. When you are finished you will receive results and will even be able to download free reports. The reports are free, we won’t even bother you for your personal information to get them. The purpose is not to make a medical diagnosis, but rather to find small errors in physiology. People with chronic health problems are often amazed at how much more effective supporting core health issues is when compared to manipulating symptoms with drugs.

Your Total Health Score 

At the end of the questionnaire, you will get a total health score. It is like a golf score, lower is better. Download a report, follow the program and retake the quiz in 30 days. Your  score will improve. Results will show  problem areas. Download the appropriate  report on how to improve your health. Spend 30 days following the health advice and  return to  retake the questionnaire. Your score  should improve, but more importantly, you should  feel  better.

Even if you are not “sick”, you should feel better after a 30-day program; after all, you don’t have to  feel bad  to  feel better.

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